About Us

Dasher Lawless Automation is a USA-based OEM of AUTOChargit. AUTOChargit started as a focused solution to charge EVs parked inside an AUTOParkit System, a fully automated parking garage.

The goal was to increase the charging capacity of an AUTOParkit facility without adding electrical capacity and without the need for manual intervention. Leveraging AUTOParkit’s ability to automatically swap EVs in and out of a stall equipped with an EVCS allowed for higher utilization of an EVCS thus reducing capital investment by nearly 10x.

Building on the notion of maximizing asset utilization of an EVCS, AUTOChargit expanded the product line to address conventional parking garages, surface lots, and street parking with a patented solution. Unlike the AUTOChargit Automated solution where EVs are automatically swapped in and out of EVCS, AUTOChargit Stationary uses a single EVCS and automatically switches power to 10 ports. This allows 10 EVs to be simultaneously connected and power is then switched in a priority fashion.

The next step in the product line evolution was to provide Mobile EVCS. AUTOChargit offers both Level II and Level III mobile EVCS to address a multitude of scenarios when an EV requires assisted charging.

Combining both Stationary and Mobile solutions and adding local and cloud-based integration allows AUTOChargit to deliver unparalleled Fleet solutions.

AUTOChargit continues to expand its product line to deliver client-driven solutions. The market adoption of EVs is a massive shift in the transportation industry and individual sectors change at various rates.

AUTOChargit is equipped to smooth that transition to protect against over-capitalization and missing revenue-generating opportunities.

Meet the Team


Shawn Adams
Executive VP of Sales
Phone: 630-310-1902
Email: sadams@dasherlawless.com


Christopher Alan

Max Williams, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
Executive VP of Architecture and Design

Alex Mendikyan

Abdelrhman (Abdul) Mahamadi PhD.
VP Controls Engineering

Tracy Sink
Director of Operations
and Corporate Relations

Jack Fenigstein
Secretary and General Counsel

David Darnell
VP of Electrical Engineering