AUTOChargit Mobile System Overview

AUTOChargit Mobile – Designed for providing transportable Mobile EVCSs for roadside assistance, fleet support, or temporary locations such as tailgating, concerts, and fairs. AUTOChargit Mobile has expanded capabilities including VAN, TRUCK, TRAILOR, and UTV each of which can be customized for optimal specialization.

AUTOChargit Mobile Van

AUTOChargit VAN provides two EVCS and power sources internally mounted with two side doors for immediate and convenient access.

AUTOChargit Mobile Van - Details

  • AUTOChargit Mobile Van – DC Fast Charging EVCS (160 AMP), 750 VDC, 120 kWh, Single Port. Dual Port available.
  • Power Source Battery – On board 200 AMP Hour (Ah) Battery connected to an inverter to supply power to EVCS with an ATS to allow for easy battery recharging.
  • Van Description – Ford Transit High Roof-EL 160″ L x (8′-4″ External) 80′ H x 65″ W.
  • Van Color – White, Silver,  Black. Other colors available.
  • Cable Length – 25′ (7.62 M)
  • Payment – Credit Card or AUTOChargit Account.
  • Internet Enabled – Access to cloud-based database or website for transaction history.

AUTOChargit Mobile UTV

EVs can end up with a drained battery and in some rather tight spaces e.g. railcars. And in these instances, the AUTOChargit Utility Terrain Vehicle becomes the perfect fit. The ACI-UTV is a mere 60 inches wide with a drive train that features Selectable Turf Mode / 2WD / 4WD with exclusive Smart Lok that allows the ACI-UTV the ability to straddle alongside a railcar.

Once the ACI-UTV is in position the extended-length charging cables can reach an EV regardless of whether it is located on the top or lower level. The charging cables easily recoil to assist in connecting to the next EV in need of a charge. Indicators LEDs are mounted on the connector to inform the technician of the EVCS status. If more details are required, the AUTOChargit Mobile APP connects directly with the EVCS and associated OBG.

The ACI-UTV is fitted with two Level II 40 AMP EVCS that use two onboard generators (OBG) power. Each generator is capable of producing electricity for up to 8 hours on a single tank – plenty of power to service an entire shift. The ACI-UTV also contains separate gas cans that are mounted to ease refueling. The generators are built to withstand a harsh environment and are equipped with a pushbutton electronic start.

The EVCS and OBG features color-coded plug-n-play connectors to allow either OBG to connect to either EVCS. This provides inherent backup to both OBG and EVCS.

While the EV(s) are charging, the technician (s) are protected from the elements in the heated or cooled cab to maximize productivity. There is able space to work remotely and allow the EV, EVCS, or OBG to send notifications on performance. The mobile phone creates a hot spot for EV, EVCS, OBG, and the AUTOChargit Mobile APP to share data, so the technician can plan the next steps and complete service reports.

ACI-UTV is a powerful-rugged-connected tool for a demanding job. To see one in action watch this short video or call us to arrange a demonstration.

AUTOChargit Mobile UTV Announcement

AUTOChargit Mobile UTV - Details

  • AUTOChargit Mobile UTV – Twin L2 (AC) EVCS (32 AMP), 208 VAC, 7.4 kWh, Dual Port with separate generators.
  • Power Source Generator – Twin ACI/Honda EB10000 gasoline generators
  • UTV Description – 2024 Defender Pro Limited
  • UTV Color – Blue, black. Other colors available
  • Cable Length – 25′ (7.62 M)
  • Payment – Credit Card or AUTOChargit Account.
  • Accessories – 12v Battery Booster, Gas & Electrical rated fire extinguishers, 2x 5 gallon industrial gas cans, front winch.

AUTOChargit Mobile Truck

AUTOChargit Mobile Truck Equipped with a 120kW L3(DCFC) Charger and175kW Generator.

AUTOChargit Mobile Truck integrates a 175 kW DC generator and a 120 kW L3 (DCFC) Charger allowing the AUTOChargit Mobile Truck to charge a dead EV battery up to 30% in approximately 7 minutes. This approach reduces the difficulty and time required along with mitigating potential vehicle damage to tow the EV. The 78-gallon fuel tank allows the generator to charge for roughly 6 hours, without the need to refuel.

The 120kW L3 (DCFC) EVCS features an 18’ charging cable with a CCS1* connector. The AUTOChargit Mobile Truck is intended to pull near a stranded EV and recharge the EV’s battery to the appropriate level for the EV.

*Note: A CCS1 (Combined Charging Standard 1) DC charging connector is used in North America. It is an extension of the J1772 standard AC charging connector.

AUTOChargit Mobile 120kW L3(DCFC) Charger.
AUTOChargit Mobile 120kW L3(DCFC) Charger.

AUTOChargit Mobile Truck - Details

  • EVCS: One L3 (DCFC) with 175 kW onboard generator
  • OUTPUT: EVCS for 120 kWh
  • SOURCE: Pushbutton start diesel generator with a six-hour runtime per tank.
  • TRUCK DESCRIPTION: Chevrolet Silverado 5500 or Ford F-550.
  • CHARGE SPEED: Up to 6.4 Miles (2 kW) per minutes of charging
  • CHARGING CABLE LENGTH: 18ft (12m) or 25ft (18m) available
  • CABLE MANAGEMENT: Side-mounted manual wire spooler rack
  • ACCESSORIES: 20 Gallon air compressor, 75 Amp 12v battery booster, front/rear movable 12,000 lb.  winch, backup camera, industrial work lights.

AUTOChargit Mobile Truck Announcement

AUTOChargit Mobile Truck At A Glance

Case Study

A dead battery used to mean jumper cables or swapping in a replacement. An EV with a completely drained battery does not even allow doors to be unlocked. An EV with a dead or low battery requires a bit more sophistication. Fortunately AUTOChargit Mobile has available solutions.

Individual Road Side Assistance

AUTOChargit Mobile provides a subscription service for individuals who become stranded due to a drained EV battery. AUTOChargit Mobile comes with DC Fast charging capability to charge an EV between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Users can pay by credit card or by simply downloading the AUTOChargit APP.


AUTOChargit Mobile is an excellent complement to any fleet management service that has incorporated EVs. Fleet Vehicles can be stranded due to normal battery drainage (estimated at 3% per day), delays in pick-up / drop-off times, or weather conditions that accelerate the negative battery conditions.

To help companies reach their zero emission goals, AUTOChargit Mobile offers a battery mobile DC Fast Charging option that is zero carbon emissions.

When more power is required, AUTOChargit Mobile offers a solution with a generator to charge multiple cars to twenty, thirty, forty percent, or more without being refueled or recharged.

Finally, AUTOChargit Mobile provides smaller units that can be used against rail lines with extended-length charging cables to reach EVs located at the top levels of train cars.

Maintenance & Support

All AUTOChargit Mobile systems are supported by GF24.

Garage Floor 24 Support


Purchase Option

  • Purchase: Van, Onboard EVCS with Battery Power Source
  • Purchase: Utility Bed Truck, Onboard EVCS with Diesel Generator Power Source

Lease Option

  • Lease: Van, Onboard EVCS with Battery Power Source
  • Lease: Utility Bed Truck, Onboard EVCS with Diesel Generator Power Source

Subscription Option

  • Subscribe: Van, Onboard EVCS with Battery Power Source
  • Subscribe: Utility Bed Truck, Onboard EVCS with Diesel Generator Power Source