Project Examples

AUTOChargit Mobile
Precision Vehicle Holdings Midwest Region

AUTOChargit Mobile UTV Twin L2 EVC

The AUTOChargit Mobile UTV Twin L2 EVC was delivered to Precision Vehicle Holdings to service their Midwest Region. The UTV is tailored to transport 2 EVCSs to stranded EVs regardless of location: trains, truck haulers, massive lots, or roadside. 

AUTOChargit Mobile UTV Twin L2EVC entering the train via a ramp, near the side of the train, simultaneously charging 2 EVs in a parking lot.

“The functionality of being able to get a dead EV charged and moving without having to be right next to it is worth its weight in gold in our industry” 

 Jason Wilson VP of Precision Vehicle Holdings 

AUTOChargit Automated, Switching
Gateway Green Parking Facility, Raleigh, NC

Proposed Mater Plan of Gateway Green using AUTOParkit, AUTOChargit, PARKSentry, and GarageFloor24

The 5-level, 775 parking stall facility provides an estimated 702 automated parking stalls using an AUTOParkit System serviced by 10 vehicle Load Bays, 4 Lifts, 16 Shuttles, and 10 Shuffles. On the ground level, an estimated 73 conventional parking spaces equipped with AUTOChargit and PARKSentry solutions increase overall capacity and provide operational efficiency.  

  • 702 Stalls use an AUTOChargit Automated System
  • 73   Stalls use an AUTOChargit Switching
  • 73   Stalls use a   PARKSentry for PARC
  • All  Stalls are supported with monthly maintenance and 24/7 monitoring via GarageFloor24

“I was most impressed by the flexibility of the AUTOChargit solution. We will save hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront and as demand grows and we expand our charging system we will be able to optimize our investment.”

Robbie Ferris

AIA, REFP, LEED AP – CEO/President

Capital City Urban Development

AUTOChargit Automated
Inclave Project, Marina del Ray, CA

Inclave Building using AUTOChargit Automated Solution with 10 EVCS

The largest fully automated operational parking garage in the Americas is the AUTOParkit System at the Inclave located in Marina Del Rey, CA. Over a half-decade has passed since its inception which included EV charging stations for residents. Fully automated EV Charging Stations are located on both subterranean levels and allow for expansion to meet future market demand. 

AUTOChargit Automated
PRESS/321 Project, Detroit MI

The PRESS/321 Building using AUTOChargit Automated Solution with 6 EVCS

The original Free Press Building built in 1925 never had a parking garage. Additionally, according to the US Department of Energy, “Better roads and discovery of cheap Texas crude oil help contribute to the decline in electric vehicles. By 1935, they have all but disappeared.” Source: Timeline: History of the Electric Car Department of Energy 

Both of these conditions changed in August 2022 when Dasher Lawless Automation installed an AUTOParkit System in the building’s basement for autonomous parking along with AUTOChargit Automated to charge tenants’ Electric Vehicles. 

Request a tour to see both technologies that are seamlessly integrated into one solution at the PRESS/321 Building formerly known as the Free Press Building. 

AUTOChargit Automated
Taha Marina, Pompano Beach, FL

Proposed Roadside Elevation View Taha Boathouse integrated with fully automated parking and EV charging.
Proposed Roadside Elevation View Taha Boathouse integrated with fully automated parking and EV charging.

Nearly every marina has insufficient parking for cars. As the owners maximize boat storage using AUTODockit they are integrating AUTOParkit to increase vehicle parking. The advent of EV charging is now requiring AUTOChargit solutions. Such is the case with the Taha Marina leveraging AUTOChargit Automated to charge EVs.

Proposed Taha Maina AUTODockit Plan View integrated with AUTOParkit and AUTOChargit Automated
Proposed Taha Maina AUTODockit Plan View integrated with AUTOParkit and AUTOChargit Automated

Boats are lifted from the intercoastal directly into the boathouse while cars enter from the street by driving into a Load Bay. EVs are then charged using AUTOChargit Automated solution.

“Parking at our marina has been an ongoing struggle. Building a fully automated boathouse [AUTODockit] will only amplify that shortage. On top of that, we need to provide our clients with an EVCS solution. Integrating AUTOParkit/AUTOChargit into the development solves both problems without requiring additional land and over-capitalizing the electrical infrastructure.”

Nader Taha

Vice President Taha Marina

AUTOChargit Fleet
Automotive Assembly Plants (Automation Alley), USA

AUTOChargit Fleet uses Level II and DC Fast Chargers

AUTOChargit has multiple products that include Switching Chargers, Automated Solutions, Mobile Solutions, and cloud-based Middleware that integrate the various product lines to control, configure, and collect information. The ability to integrate these disparate systems for a cohesive view feeds productivity throughout the entire asset lifecycle is provided by AUTOChargit Fleet.

Yard Management Systems connect directly via the AUTOChargit Cloud-Based Middleware to an AUTOChargit Switching EVCS.

Jason Wilson VP of Precision Vehicle Holdings explains the challenges the logistics industry faces transporting Electric Vehicles and the key Partnership with Dasher Lawless.

“The logistical network is being put under strain due to the inability to move an EV that has gone dead. The reason they [EVs] are going dead is because of the (i) vast network, (ii) the distances, and (iii) the time it takes for these vehicles to travel.”

“When they [EVs] get to a destination sometimes they’re just not operable, they need to be charged and they need to move. In that scenario, they are not in the most ideal position to facilitate that, they are still on their modes of transportation whether that be trucks, or trains, or they’re stuck in storage facilities or areas that are hard to get to. The mobile unit represents the ability to get into those areas and as a whole provides a solution to the [logistic] network that doesn’t exist today, giving a short-term solution to get these vehicles moving and ultimately into customers’ hands”

Additionally, the labor required to recharge dead EVs or ready an EV for travel has to be efficient. The way to drive that efficiency is to have vital information about which type of EV, current location, and charging level. That information is gathered and distributed using a YMS linked directly to the AUTOChargit Cloud-Based Middleware.

AUTOChargit Automated
Mirabel Los Angeles, CA

Rendering of Mirabel a 50 Story Highrise in Los Angeles, CA featuring AUTOParkit and AUTOChargit Automated Solutions
Rendering of Mirabel a 50 Story Highrise in Los Angeles, CA featuring AUTOParkit and AUTOChargit Automated Solutions

AUTOChargit Automated using 32 DC Fast Chargers is integrated with an AUTOParkit System to charge all 450 EVs in 12 hours. The adoption of EVs in California is unmatched by any other state in the union resulting in developers planning to way ahead to meet market demand.

To charge 450 EVs conventionally in 12 hours using DC Fast Chargers would have required over $11M in capital expenses. An AUTOChargit Automated solution is approximately one-tenth the cost.

“We see this market [Los Angeles, CA] transitioning to EVs rather quickly. So we needed each automated parking stall EV charging capable. It was unrealistic to have a separate EVCS at every stall due to the massive electrical infrastructure. The AUTOChargit Automated solution required only 32 chargers for over 400 vehicles.”

Josh Gillman