Epilepsy Alliance of Florida

DELRAY BEACH, FL May 6, 2024 – AUTOChargit was the official Golf Shirt Sponsor for the 4th Annual Construction & Real Estate Development Golf Tournament to help support the Epilepsy Alliance of Florida. The event was created by Adam Adache (Cavache Properties) and his wife, whose daughter suffers from epilepsy. Before the tournament, Adam said he and his family are blessed with the resources to provide excellent care for their daughter but reminded everyone that not every family is as fortunate. This is the reason behind the event to raise funding for care and research along with bringing awareness to this dreaded condition.

AUTOChargit sponsored golf shirts

AUTOChargit sponsored golf shirts at the 4th annual Construction & Real Estate Development Golf Tournament

Participants at the 4th annual Construction & Real Estate Development Golf Tournament

4th Annual Seagate Golf Tournament (kartra.com)

More photos from the event: 4th Annual Real Estate & Construction Golf Tournament | Flickr

Christopher Alan, CEO/President of Dasher Lawless, said, “When Adam approached us for our help we were more than happy to respond. It remains part of our core mission to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves. We took it upon ourselves to bring personnel from Chicago, Raleigh, Hilton Head, and Delray Beach to represent the majority of our company’s locations.”

Shawn Adams (left) and Christopher Alan (center) with guests at the 4th annual Construction & Real Estate Development Golf Tournament

Epilepsy Alliance Florida – The Power Of Local

Epilepsy Alliance Florida

Guests visit the sponsor tables

On the course: Blake Parzych, Ricky Flemming, Lance Pasco, and Jeff Decker

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