Warren, OH January, 2018 Dasher Lawless a USA based OEM of the AUTOParkit™ System, a fully automated parking system (APS) that is capable of doubling the  parking capacity of a parking garage for approximately the same cost as  traditional ramped above-grade parking garage, has announced an industry first: Automated Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (AEV-CS). The AEV-CS allows a driver of an electric vehicle, after entering the Load Bay [one-and-half stall garage], to plug their electric vehicle into an EV Pallet. Once the AUTOParkit System  parks the EV Pallet in a charging Stall, the system will charge the electric vehicle’s battery. Each EV Stall is individaully metered to allow for proper billing of the electricity used in charging the vehicle.

EV connects to the EV Pallet
EV connects to the EV Pallet

President and CEO Christopher Alan indicated, “The new California Green Building Codes  specify a percentage of stalls that need to be equipped with EV charging stations in every new parking structure. Additionally, we’re anticipating an even greater market demand due to the increased number of EV drivers looking for  places to park and charge their vehicles. Additionally, we can install the required number of AEV-CS today to meet the project’s code requirements, but should the need arise we can retrofit additional stalls with charging stations in the future.” This is yet another excellent example of why AUTOParkit’s modular and scalable architecture works so well for Developers requiring parking structures.

As a safety feature, when the EV Pallet is in the Load Bay, it is completely disconnected from the power source so there is no potential hazard to the user. The electrical connection is made only when the EV Pallet is placed into the EV Stall. The AUTOParkit System is also intelligent enough to sense when a car is not connected properly as Dan Howarth, Director of Engineering for Dasher Lawless explains;” This condition will automatically alert the 24/7 monitoring team (GarageFloor24)   so it can be corrected. We added this feature after careful analysis and concluded, if for some unlikely reason the driver did not plug the cable in properly or on the off chance entirely forgot to plug-in their car, we can be proactive rather than waiting for the vehicle’s owner to return hours later only to realize their vehicle’s battery has not been charged.”

When the EV Pallet is stored in an EV Stall the EV's Battery is Charged
When the EV Pallet is stored in an EV Stall the EV’s Battery is Charged

The EV Pallets provide a recessed outlet on both sides, to accommodate the parked position.

The AUTOParkit System electronically reports the calculated electricity used by that vehicle to the PARCS (Parking Access and Revenue Control System) or the Project Owner’s property management software. Once the vehicle is returned to the Load Bay the user simply disconnects the charging cable and then exits the Load Bay.

AEV-CS Type I or Type II can be specified to one or all stalls in an AUTOParkit System.

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