Delivered to the Detroit Market and Immediately Put to Use

AUTOChargit Mobile UTV Twin L2 EVC

DETROIT January 5, 2024, Dasher Lawless Automation, a leader in Autonomous Parking Systems, released an AUTOChargit Mobile UTV (Utility Alterraine Vehicle) equipped with dual Level II Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) to bring energy to an EV with a dead battery to avoid having to tow the EV to an available charging station.

Each onboard EVCS produces 7.4 kWh and is powered by a 10,000-watt generator. These chargers are each capable of individually connecting to a fully depleted EV battery and providing power for 3-4 miles of use in roughly 5-6 minutes. The charging cables are managed by two retracting cable reels and provide the ability to charge vehicles up to 60 feet away from the UTV itself.

The UTV’s foundation is a Can-Am Defender Pro Limited with the necessary EVSE completely integrated and factory tested by Dasher Lawless Automation’s engineering staff along with assistance from iThena, a strategic partner.

The need for the AUTOChargit Mobile UTV was initially proposed by Precision Vehicle Holdings, an existing client, during a collaboration meeting. Precision explained that during the transportation of EVs from the manufacturer to a dealership, some EVs are arriving without any battery charge remaining, thus rendering them immovable. Due to the way they are commonly shipped, tightly packed together in truck haulers or railcars, it creates a serious problem unloading EVs at an intermediate or their final destination.

The AUTOChargit Mobile UTV is designed to drive into a railcar, alongside a train, rough terrain, or snow/ice-covered surface lots. As long as the AUTOChargit Mobile UTV is within 50 feet or less it can charge an EV. The gas-powered generators will run for 2 hours on a single tank of fuel. A separate gas can is mounted on the bed to assist in refilling the generators. The conditioned cab is meant to comfortably house a technician waiting for an EV to complete the charge.

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