Mobile 120 kW L3 (DCFC) Charger

The AUTOChargit Mobile Truck Equipped with a L3(DCFC) Charger
The AUTOChargit Mobile Truck Equipped with a L3(DCFC) Charger

WAYNE, MI, March 27th, 2024 – Dasher Lawless Automation, a leader in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging systems, released an industry-first AUTOChargit Mobile Truck. The truck comes equipped with a 175 kW generator, powering a 120 kW L3 (DCFC) EVCS. The EVCS features an 18’ charging cable with a CCS1* connector. The AUTOChargit Mobile Truck is intended to pull near a stranded EV and recharge the EV’s battery to the appropriate level for the EV to be moved to its intended destination.

*Note: A CCS1 (Combined Charging Standard 1) DC charging connector is used in North America. It is an extension of the J1772 standard AC charging connector.

Integrating a 175 kW DC generator and a 120 kW L3 (DCFC) Charger allows the AUTOChargit Mobile Truck to charge a dead EV battery up to 30% in approximately 7 minutes. This approach reduces the difficulty and time required along with mitigating potential vehicle damage to tow the EV. The 78-gallon fuel tank allows the generator to charge for roughly 6 hours, without the need to refuel.

With a vast terrain and unrelenting weather conditions ahead across multiple locations in Michigan and the Midwest, the AUTOChargit Mobile Truck was fabricated with numerous safety features and operator efficiency functions. Strobe lights and a spotlight were custom fitted for work in potentially harsh inclement conditions, alongside a rear-mounted winch (capable of towing up to 12,000 lbs), an onboard emergency battery charger, and a 20-gallon air compressor. The AUTOChargit Mobile Truck is not only prepared to quickly charge a dead EV battery, it is also ready for any vehicle-related challenge that could potentially cross its path.

All smiles at the AUTOChargit Mobile Truck reveal for Precision Vehicle Holdings
All smiles at the AUTOChargit Mobile Truck reveal for Precision Vehicle Holdings

The AUTOChargit Mobile Truck was the result of a collaborative effort between Dasher Lawless Automation and Precision Vehicle Holdings. The design was tailored specifically to Precision’s system requirements. Dasher Lawless Automation was able to leverage the strategic partnership with iThena when specifying the L3 (DCFC) EVCS. The design and integration were completed in Warren, Ohio by a talented and resourceful Dasher Lawless Automation Engineering Department. This same team released in January of this year the world’s first UTV equipped with two generators and two L2(AC) EVCS. Dave Darnel VP of Electrical Engineering for Dasher Lawless Automation described the first quarter’s frantic development pace, “Fortunately we were in constant communication with Precision to confirm we were building exactly what they needed. I know their client was anxious about making the promised delivery date since there is an intense need for mobile L3 (DCFC) chargers.”

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AUTOChargit is designed, fabricated, installed, and maintained by Dasher Lawless.  The AUTOChargit System is a holistic, turn-key approach for Switching, Fleet, Mobile, and Automated EVCS Solutions that are designed to increase the effective charging capacity without increasing electrical capacity.

AUTOParkit is designed, manufactured, and constructed by Dasher Lawless, Inc.  These fully automated parking systems are for new and existing buildings and can potentially double parking capacity compared to traditional ramped concrete parking structures.  AUTOParkit’s sustainable approach to fully automated parking provides up to 17 LEED points; enables faster construction due to a modular/scalable architecture; is 40% less expensive to operate since it is automated; is safer for the user and delivers a necessary, convenient alternative to an escalating global problem.

Dasher Lawless Inc. is uniquely qualified to complete turn-key solutions for commercial development, contract manufacturing, or our expanding product line that features AUTOParkit, AUTOStorit, AUTODockit, AUTOChargit, and PARKSentry along with custom systems that require integration of factory automation with real-estate projects. Our legacy of commercial design/build projects creates an extensive foundation that when coupled with an internal diverse automation engineering,  short-run/quick-turn manufacturing capability, and remote/on-site support services offered by GarageFloor24 allows Dasher Lawless to deliver unmatched value throughout the life-cycle of each asset.

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